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Thank you to all!

Josh Moore

We would not be able to help our homeless community without the generous donations of the companies and people listed below.

Some of our donors have chosen to remain anonymous however, we need and want to thank you just the same.

This program, Josh's Heart, is for him. This program is to help others who are homeless/addicted, because that was his heart, Josh's Heart.

All monies and items collected will go to service our homless community.

Blue Lamp   Cohen-Durrett   Commerce Printing Services   Don Geir Photo & Video   Guardian Protection Force  

Power Inn Alliance   Providence Church, Sacramento   Raley's   Hornet Book Store   State Hornet Newspaper  



Thank You!

Thank you to the many friends and family members who have donated cash as well as items for our Blessing Backpack drives. It this type support that has made Josh's Heart successful. We are hummbled and blessed by your contributions and support!

Josh's Heart, Inc.

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