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In Memory of Joshua Brent Moore

We have created Josh's Heart, in memory of Joshua Brent Moore, who died August 12, 2016, from complications due to alcoholism at just 32 years old.

Though Josh suffered from alcoholism and homelessness throughout his life, it is not what defined him. He was a kind hearted, loving, and tremendously giving human being. He had friends and family like you and me. While others saw a homeless person asking for money on the street, others saw a brother and son who loved deeply. While most would see a person in and out of rehabilitation, others saw a friend who would give what little he had to help them out. Like many others in our homeless/addicted communities, his situation often left him feeling insignificant, depressed and unlovable.

We created Josh’s Heart to reach out to these people who feel lost and forgotten. The people who have been cast aside and feel worthless due to their current circumstances. We strive to show these people the TRUTH- That THEY ARE MORE THAN THEIR CURRENT CIRCUMSTANCES. They matter, are loved, and were placed on this earth by God with purpose.

Our organization plans on fulfilling this by organizing continual events and drives that will help the homeless and addicted communities.

Josh’s Heart is a reflection of the huge heart that Josh Moore had. Through Josh’s Heart Inc, his can keep on beating.

Joshua Brent Moore Memorial Video

Eternal Birthday, August 12, 2016

Joshua Brent Moore Memorial Video

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