Over 2,000 Pounds of Clothes to the Homeless!

We received over 2,000 pounds of clothing from Sacramento State's University Staff Assembly's (USA) annual clothing drive.

We are excited to have another great opportunity to serve our homeless community by offering two ways to volunteer at the end of February. Either are equally important but both together is double the blessings.Continue Reading....

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3rd Annual Hunger and Homelessness Community Awards 2017

Josh's Heart Founders Named Volunteer of the Year!

Nov. 15, 2017: Dawn and Don Nahhas, founders of Josh's Heart, Inc. were presented with the "Volunteer Award" by Assemblymember Kevin McCarty at the 3rd Annual Hunger and Homelessness Community Awards 2017.

You Matter

Josh was always a sweet-hearted sensitive boy. He struggled with insecurities his whole life. He had a heart for homeless people and would literally cry at times when he saw them. Josh was born into a family that had the alcoholism gene on both sides. He also struggled with depression. In his teenage years he tried alcohol, along with many others...unfortunately this became his way to feel better and in no time was trapped in the horrible disease of alcoholism.

Josh's Heart is for him. We created Josh's Heart, Inc. to help others who are homeless/addicted, because that was his heart, Josh's Heart.

We desire to bring Hope, Love and Awareness to those afflicted by addiction. In a world where those suffering can feel invisible, we have made it our mission to let them know, "You Matter."

Josh's Heart, Inc.

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